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- You can legally light fireworks beginning July 1 - July 7, and July 21 - July 27

- Cake Fireworks that are aerials are legal

- SOS Fireworks will begin selling starting July 1st


Not all fireworks are created equal! We like sharing what we know about value with you.

Our little family business is really just a hobby! As our passion we purchase each year what’s new, different and has the best showy performance.

Fireworks, in some ways, are like candy, they bring smiles to kids and families faces. You can be assured, if the kids and family at SOS Fireworks like it, then these fireworks are going to be good!

“We want our customers to have a great, fun experience while buying fireworks, which is why we have a staff that are well trained and experienced. We believe coming to our locations will help you to find the best fireworks, for some of the best prices in Utah! We are able to answer your questions about fireworks, and help you make the right decisions, which we feel like is one of our best qualities!”

All of the employee’s faces light-up every time they see a new firework, and this year everyone is even more excited that Aerial fireworks are now legal in Utah! We now have many different selections of Aerial fireworks, that we are positive everyone will be pleased.

Our simple business approach has always been that we want to carry the best performance and selection of products! We want every customer to receive more bang for their bucks! We have been researching and discontinuing some products because we think they are not a good value, and are overpriced for customers.

We appreciate all of our customers, and our ongoing customers we have had since we’ve opened. We wouldn’t be here without all your support! We encourage you all to come see us this year, and hope that you are all as excited as we are to be lighting fireworks this year!