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- You can legally light fireworks beginning July 1 - July 7, and July 21 - July 27

- Cake Fireworks that are aerials are legal

- SOS Fireworks will begin selling starting July 1st



We have a good selection of Aerial Fireworks.
See our locations for more variety of Small/Large Cake Fireworks.

Cake Fireworks

Attitude Adjustment

Cage Fight

Cowboy Up



Crack The Whip

Death Trap





Firing Squad

Flash Baby



Freaky Friday

Hocus Pocus

Lemme Hear Ya Say




Here's To Looking At You

Midnight Cowboy



The Mother Lode

Mr. Big

No Bool Sheet



Sky Stunts
The War Ends
Timing Bomb


Bomb Chicka Bomb Bomb Aerial
Hard to Beat Aerial
Magician Aerial


Twitter Glitter
Global Warning
Blue Stars