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- You can legally light fireworks beginning July 1 - July 7, and July 21 - July 27

- Cake Fireworks that are aerials are legal

- SOS Fireworks will begin selling starting July 1st



Buy One Get One

Here is some of our special Buy-One-Get-One offers on some of the all time favorites.
Check our locations to see for further details.

Exploding Bin Laden Nogin

Carmella Flower

Flashing Firework Wheels

$1.99 Each or a box of 6 for $11.99 $1.99 BOGO 99¢


Buzz Saw

Mini Madness

Mountain Spring Waterfall

  $6.99 $1.99 BOGO


Snake Escape

Super Jumping Jacks

Tres Colores

99¢ $1.99 $11.99


Firedance Spinners

Pyro Gyro Spinner

24" Morning Glories

Fire Dancer Spinners

99¢ $1.99 a Bundle $1.99